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Gosh, Nami is just such a great character because she had every reason to say that she hated fishmen because of what Arlong did to her and her village. But she doesn’t, she makes it very clear that she only hates Arlong. She even goes so far as to completely forgive Hachi, who was a member of Arlong’s crew when he took over her village, and Jinbe, who was responsible for freeing Arlong and allowing him to wreak havoc in East Blue in the first place. She harbors no ill-will and no hatred for them, she forgives them completely and even feels sympathy for them because they’ve been holding resentment towards themselves for the things they did. Nami is such a genuinely kind, compassionate, and overall strong character and it is absolutely incomprehensible to me that there are people who don’t like her. Nami is an abolsutely incredible character. 

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